Customizable Islamic Candles Arabic Calligraphy


These 6 inch ivory pillar candles are printed with Islamic calligraphy. Pick and choose what you would like it to say! They are decorated with your ribbon color of choice and crystals (optional). If you would like to further customize your order please don’t hesitate to message me.
The listing is for one candle. For more candles, adjust the quantity and in the “Note to Seller” section please tell me what you want your candle(s) to say from the available options in the photos:

1. Allah
2. Muhammad
3. Alhamdullilah
4. Subhanallah
5. Bismillah aRahman aRaheem
6. Allahu Akbar
7. Surah Ikhlas
8. Surah Falaq
9. Surah Nas

Please NOTE: Listing is for ONE candle, adjust the quantity according to how many you would like to order.

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